Pharmacist's Advice from A to Z

Medicinal plants in phytotherapy

Medicinal plants can relieve pain and cure illnesses. Phytotherapy, aromatherapy (using essential oils), or herbal medicine use them to treat many pathologies, may provide you with more information.

A healthy, balanced

We all must have a healthy and balanced diet. Having a healthy diet allows you to avoid the risk of digestive disorders and strengthen your body’s immunity. Detox cleansing is highly recommended!

How to stay well in winter

You can strengthen your immune system and prepare your body to defend itself better against winter illnesses in many ways Beehive products, foods rich in vitamin C, etc. will help you do so.

Dietary supplements: Do they help or hurt?

Health & longevity

Food supplements are concentrated source of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, or plants) that help strengthen your health. Many nutritherapists use food supplements’ active principles as treatment for dietary deficiencies and to relieve everyday ailments.

  • They are the source of a restorative sleep, and bring peaceful nights and serenity.
  • They tone up tired muscles and boost physical performance
  • Improve your digestion and detox your body

Dietary supplements come in many forms: tablets, capsules, ampoules, capsules, balms, etc. They can be prescribed by a doctor or purchased over the counter without medical supervision. They contain dosages carefully studied to ensure optimal effectiveness and safety. Supplements have several benefits on joint, weight management, muscles, beauty, digestion, etc. Dietary supplements are also available on the internet.

Phytotherapy: Fields of application

Joint pain

Many anti-inflammatory plants such as lithium, bamboo, orthotics can relieve joint pain

Digestive System

Phytotherapy can treat problems related to transit problems. Plants such as charcoal, fennel, and thyme can help alleviate the pain.

Improving blood circulation

Blood circulation can be improved with medicinal plants such as horse chestnut, blueberry and red vine.

Liver and body detox

Among the plants that help drainage and detoxification of the body are burdock, black radish, dandelion, and artichoke.

Coping with anxiety and worry

Plants such as rhodiola, passionflower and St. John's wort help boost your morale and overall well being. They relax and energize your body.

Strengthen your immune system with phytotherapy

Plants such as such as propolis, echinacea, thyme, guarana, turmeric, verbena can stimulate and strengthen your immune system

Attention Deficit Disorder and Memory

Phytotherapy superstar plants such as ginkgo, soy and ginseng have a beneficial effect on your concentration and memory

Traditional herbal medicine for obesity and weight management

Medicinal plants help lose weight. Some control or suppress appetite, some eliminate fat.

How to Protect Your Children from Disease?

Children and teenagers chronic and non-chronic disease prevention is important. Encourage them to take part in physical and sports activities, eat healthy and vary their diet.

Limit their consumption of high fat, sugar, or salty food and protect them from obesity. More on

Practical advice

Beauty & Wellness

Beauty tips

Good gestures

Fight against aging with wheat germ and soy. Pomegranate oil moisturizes and softens the skin. Apply Aloe Vera ointments to heal burns. Chamomile has a calming effect on skin ailments.

Care tips


Protect your hair with Argan oil. Compress green tea bags under your eyes to reduce the appearance dark circles. Brewer’s yeast allows you to have a beautiful skin and very shiny hair. Witch hazel purifies sensitive skin and restores its shine.

Benefits of Turmeric

Multiple benefits

Turmeric is a powerful herbal medicine that relieves joint and gastric inflammations.It helps fight cancer, ease digestion and protects your liver. Turmeric contributes to oral hygiene and curbs bacterial contamination.