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How to eat well at 50 ?: Keep in shape and detoxify the body!

Everyone ages according to his body. Some illustrations show that the way we age is even written in our genes. Like free motor skills in children, each person has his or her own road to old age. But there are…

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Beauty care: revive the skin’s radiance and tone!

The skin, like all the other organs of the human body, loses its tone and vitality over time. These losses lead to wrinkles due to skin dehydration, rupture of elastic fibres and collagen. Due to the sun’s rays and the…

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Joint pain & natural solutions!

Joints are the junctions between two or more bones, allowing mobility. There are several types of joints depending on the mobility they can perform. We have the immobile joints like the junction of the bones of the skull, then the…

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Intestinal problems: how can we improve intestinal health?

The intestine is the part of the lower digestive tract made up of several types of cells. In addition to intestinal cells that are good at absorbing nutrients, there are immune system cells and so-called “intestinal flora”. Generally, the intestine…

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