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The medicinal virtues of ruby

Since the ancient periods, this stone is seen as one of the most precious possessions. In litho therapy, the stone is important in evoking the natural healing process and wellbeing as encouraged by If you have never seen or…

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Corneal infections and keratoplasty

Structure and function of the cornea The cornea is a transparent “porthole” that not only protects the eyeball, but also fulfils an essential optical function: together with the crystalline lens, it allows images to be focused on the retina. It…

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Vaccination against papilloma virus

As research in recent years has shown, a very large proportion of cervical cancers (about 95% of cases) originate from a previous infection with a Human Papilloma Virus. This virus is sexually transmitted. Cervical cancer is the consequence of an…

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Chicken pox (and shingles)

Chickenpox is the most contagious of all childhood diseases, with epidemic peaks in winter and spring, and although generally uncomplicated, it is not so benign, as it is responsible in France for more than 3,000 hospitalizations per year and around…

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Psoriasis: natural solutions that work

Psoriasis of the face is a dermatosis characterized by the appearance of shiny, red patches of dry, white, shiny scales. This skin disease can be a real pain. Therefore, it is essential to find an effective natural treatment to get…

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