Taking care of oneself

Cramps and aches

Cramp is a temporary involuntary and painful contracture of one or more muscles. It is common in the lower limb; the most commonly described is that of the calf. Sometimes the hard and painful muscle makes a “real ball” (on…

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Heavy legs: causes and advice

Understand the feeling of “heavy legs” Heavy legs appear in the calves and ankles and are particularly noticeable at the end of the day. They are exacerbated by standing, heat and fatigue. They are accompanied by pain, tingling and swelling…

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The first aid guide for small accidents and everyday ailments

The bumps Mild bruising Bruises Insect bites Superficial wounds Splinters Back pain Canker sores Gingivitis Aches and pains Ingestion of toxic products Superficial burns. Burning coffee pot that overturns, knife that slips, feet that get caught in the carpet, falling…

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A beautiful smile: the importance of teeth!

At first, everything seems simple. A smile is a natural sign, a social gesture and a reflection of personality. However, a beautiful smile, intimately linked to dental health, requires a minimum of vigilance and attention. Today, health, seduction, well-being… are…

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