Joint pain & natural solutions!

Joints are the junctions between two or more bones, allowing mobility. There are several types of joints depending on the mobility they can perform. We have the immobile joints like the junction of the bones of the skull, then the semi-mobile joints like bones of the spine, and finally the mobile joints like the wrists.

The joints

The joints are protected by a bag containing a lubricating fluid called synovial fluid. But when there are problems with the joints, you feel inadequate. Joint pain in the feet causes lameness, joint pain in the arms prevents us from moving normally. We can only do everything and accept everything in order to be able to relieve the pain. One of the most common ailments is osteoarthritis of the knee. To relieve it, there are local treatments, general treatments and there is the help of food supplements. The use of natural anti-inflammatory drugs such as cell innovative joint products can relieve joint pain as well as synthetic products.

Local treatment of joint pain

Joint pain can have several causes: of traumatic origin due to a blow, of mechanical origin: osteoarthritis, and of inflammatory origin: arthritis or rheumatism. For joint pain caused by inflammation, which results in redness of the area, swelling and pain when cold or at night, treatment can only be prescribed by doctors. For joint pain caused by cartilage degradation, most often seen in the knees, also known as knee osteoarthritis, which manifests itself as cold pain that tends to disappear with the movement of the joint. For osteoarthritis, joint pain can be relieved by local treatments: applications of ointment products such as natural anti-inflammatory drugs (aloe vera) or gels or creams based on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, followed by a good bandage to compress the joint, accompanied by innovative anti-arthrosis cells.

Concerning the general treatment

Consultation is required to properly determine the appropriate dose(s). But apart from anti-inflammatory drugs to be taken as a general rule, food supplements can help relieve joint pain. By working to repair worn cartilage, dietary supplements open new avenues in these long-term treatments. After a certain age, joint pain, whether inflammatory or mechanical in origin, is always unpleasant. But to relieve joint pain, one can choose the natural anti-inflammatory and submit this opinion to the expert who will do the consultation.
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