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Shower or bath? Are you a fan of the shower, stimulating and "virile", or are you a firm believer in the bath, which is ideal for relieving tension? Whatever your preference, the first step to keeping your skin beautiful and healthy is to cleanse it daily and gently, avoiding stripping it off? HEALTHY SKIN: its pH is 5.5, it is said to be acidic. This acidity is essential: it allows the skin to fight against the development of microbes. Hence the interest of soap-free products that do not alter the skin pH ". The primary function of cleansing products is to eliminate all impurities accumulated throughout the day, while maintaining the skin's physiological balance. For this, a golden rule: do not damage the hydrolipidic film.

What is the hydrolipidic film?

Essentially made up of sebum, sweat and water, this film covers the surface of the epidermis and ensures the natural protection of the skin. A real shield against environmental aggressions, it also plays an essential role in the elasticity and suppleness of the skin: without it, our skin would be like a lizard. As the day progresses, the hydrolipidic film becomes loaded with dust, dead cells, bacteria... The purpose of cleansing is to eliminate them but also to prevent infections due to the proliferation of microbes and to eliminate unpleasant odours. Water alone cannot meet all these requirements and toiletries must be combined with it. It is important to note that while cleansing the skin is an essential part of daily skin care, excess is harmful in this case as in everything else: aggressive cleansing sweeps away everything indiscriminately; it gently scrapes the skin, which is no longer able to perform its protective function; it loses its suppleness and radiance. This is why the protection of the hydrolipidic film starts with the use of suitable, gentle and non-irritating products right from the time of cleansing. The sebaceous glands that secrete sebum are not evenly distributed over the body. Some parts are even completely devoid of them - elbows, knees, heels - and, as a result, are particularly sensitive to skin dryness and dehydration.

With or without soap?

The choice of a cleansing product deserves some thought: between "classic" soaps, superfatted soaps, dermatological bars, all presented in liquid or solid form, it is indeed better not to make a mistake if you want to avoid discomfort, dehydration or irritation of the skin. Conventional soaps have excellent cleansing power. However, they change the skin's pH and alter the hydrolipidic film, which can lead to tightness and dryness. Enriched with superfatting and moisturizing agents, so-called "superfatted" soaps are less drying. If your skin is dry or sensitive, it is recommended that you use a soap-free product whose pH is adapted to the skin's pH and which will respect the hydrolipidic film.

Stimulating or relaxing shower?

Cold: 10 to 20°C stimulating, it is perfect for relieving heavy legs, as it promotes venous return (always go up from the feet to the nape of the neck). Cool: 20 to 30°C invigorating, it gently refreshes and invigorates. Warm: 30 to 37°C relaxing, it relaxes and removes the tensions of the day. Warm: 37 to 39 °C relaxing, it relieves aches, pains and contractures. It helps to find sleep. Very hot: 39°C and more, not recommended. Softening, it aggravates blood circulation problems. Advice It is necessary to cleanse the skin daily, with a mild cleanser, adapted to the face. You should then moisturize: for example with products based on hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in our skin. Once or twice a week, use an exfoliating cream: the skin will be clearer, softer and smoother. This will stimulate cell renewal and remove impurities and dead surface cells. After the exfoliation you should consider applying a moisturizing cream to restore the hydrolipidic film. Afterwards, serums based on antioxidants (Q10, idebenone, etc ...) can be used to avoid the devastating effects of free radicals. Avoid these three enemies of the skin: tobacco, tanning salons and sunbathing, which will make the skin age prematurely. Don't have more than one glass of wine or other alcohol a day. Too much alcohol dilates the blood vessels on the surface of the skin of the face. Do not rub your eyes. Facial skin is very delicate, especially under the eyes. (If your eyes itch, apply a cold compress, or moistened with tonic lotion, witch hazel water or saline solution).
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