How to eat well at 50 ?: Keep in shape and detoxify the body!

Everyone ages according to his body. Some illustrations show that the way we age is even written in our genes. Like free motor skills in children, each person has his or her own road to old age. But there are common points, such as weight gain. The difference is its intensity: important for some and light for others. To remedy this, it is necessary to cleanse the body and the whole organism by practicing a detox cure with the help of slimming food supplements. There was a time when detox was a fashionable phenomenon. However, this practice should not remain a forgotten fashion, but be adopted as a way of life. So, how to keep in shape?

How do you keep your figure after 50 years?

Following the fateful moments of menopause, a balanced diet is essential. This means having the right choice of fat and protein sources, eating enough fruit and vegetables for each meal and above all avoiding the wrong sugars.  Ethical, 100% ecological and highly technical food supplement laboratories have developed products that can help the body to better assimilate their food.  The microflora balance, for example, helps the intestine to absorb nutrients and eliminate waste thanks to its guaranteed optimal content of lactic ferments and fibres. The proper functioning of the intestinal microflora results in good intestinal health.

Why detoxify the body?

The detox cure helps the body to eliminate the excess in an individual's body. Among the materials eliminated by detox, there are fats. As fats are the most threatening sources of disease, Cell Innov detox reduces the risk of having these diseases, the most feared of which is cardiovascular disease. Then, detox revitalizes the cells and promotes the proper functioning of the immune system by eliminating the overloads that disrupt the activity of white blood cells. It should be noted that it is the white blood cells that cleanse the body by eliminating any suspicious cells.

What do food supplements do?

Food supplements are products composed of concentrates of one or more active ingredients extracted from natural products or synthetic products. They are not medicines but products taken to improve the life of its consumers. The use of food supplements in these contexts can only do good, and if no effect, will not do harm either. Thus, food supplements in terms of digestion have an effect on food transit: there are those that accelerate it, to help weight loss. Then there are the products rich in antioxidants that will delay aging and finally the products that will help the body to detoxify by supporting the liver in its purification work.
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