So you say you want to lose weight?

I need to lose weight. That seemed to be the common theme today when I was surfing around Twitter so I felt inspired to write this. When you say you want to lose weight – stop and think about what you are really saying. You don’t really care what the scale says. What you really care about is that you are not happy in your current body. Most likely you don’t feel sexy or loved. When you say you need to lose weight you are saying, “I am unhappy. Help me.” My advice to you is stop and think – what will losing weight get me? “What will change in my life if I was 20, 30, or 40 pounds lighter?” Will you have more fun? Will you be able to wear clothes that make you feel sexy? Will you get respect from others? The answers to those questions will tell you what you really want. Now that you know that, do you feel a little different about what you need to do and why?
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