Is your low carb plan diet plan working for you?

My low carb diet plan rant…

If you are on a low carb diet plan designed for women, please take a moment to read this rant because I do have a legitimate point – even if I am a little bit passionate about how I make it.

The In’s and Out’s of a Low Carb Diet

So let’s start with the positive because there are some benefits of a low carb plan. The benefit – you will most likely be eating more veggies since you have to fill your plate with something and veggies tend to be a lower calorie option. So veggies – good. Secondly, you will be cutting simple carbohydrates out of your diet and again that’s a good thing. Whoever created the white bread sold in grocery stores today should be taken out back and slapped silly. White bread is so nutritionally useless!! I can’t come up with one REAL benefit of eating Sunbeam White Bread. So cutting simple carb’s out of your diet – good. Thirdly, you will most likely lose weight. Not so much because you cut out carbs but because you are tracking your calories and eating less of them. So, yes you will lose weight. Cutting calories – good. Now let’s look at the one HUGE downside of the way a woman would typically follow a low-carb diet.. Lots of women replace the carbs with more meat and dairy products. Now depending on how much brainwashing you have undergone since birth, you might think meat and dairy are an essential source of protein and therefore good for you. If you are getting mad at me right now read this article from the Huffington Post called Meat is the New Tobacco. It likens the current acceptance and promotion of meat/dairy to the tactics used by the tobacco industry to say smoking was safe for years. If that doesn’t get you thinking, go to your library or rent Forks Over Knives here. You will learn about the China study and other research that demonstrates the connection between animal products and cancer. It’s only a matter of time before it is generally accepted that animal products increases your risk of cancer. It’s already related to heart diseases. Now I could really go into my rant right now, but I won’t – just suffice it to say that eating more meat and dairy while trying to lose weight is a BAD idea. Add in all the veggies you want – go for it. But PLEASE don’t increase your intake of meat and dairy to fill up your plate. Now I am not saying you have to become a vegan – I know it’s downright hard. I for one LOVE pizza. However, I have been a vegetarian for years and am better for it. I have brought down my cholesterol by 50 points without the use of drugs. What I am saying is don’t increase your intake of animal products. If anything try to cut back at least a little… …and please keep carb’s in your diet. Choose complex carbs like oat bran, brown rice, cornmeal, and buckwheat. And don’t cut fruits out just because they are high in carbohydrates. There are so many beneficial nutrients in fruit plus they contain a lot of water which is helpful for those of you who really don’t drink enough water during the day. Ok, did I keep my rant mild enough? I hope so.
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