The Secret to NOT Gaining Weight This Holiday Season

Do you want to know the secret to NOT gaining weight this holiday season? PLANNING – You have to create a plan to avoid holiday weight gain and then work that plan. If you do, you can prevent putting on those dreaded 10 pounds of holiday baggage on your hips. So, how do you plan? First you need to look at what makes up your traditional holiday season. How many parties do you attend typically? What are the decadent treats you indulge in? How does your lifestyle change for November through December? Once you have identified those items, next come up with a plan to be smarter with each one. For example, if you go to 5 parties, do you really enjoy or need to go to all five? If the answer is no, eliminate those that you don’t really want to attend. If the answer is yes, then how can you eat/drink smarter at each of these? When it comes to holiday treats – what strategies can you come up with to cut back on them while still enjoying them and not feeling deprived? If you exercise less due to a hectic holiday season, how can you get mini-workouts in? If you have trouble creating a plan to avoid holiday weight gain, you will want to enroll in Mission Zero – your plan for NOT putting on extra pounds this holiday season.
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