Do you cry on the treadmill?

Have you ever found yourself crying on the treadmill, feeling like your whole attempt to lose weight is just pointless? I know for myself, there are mornings when I get up and I think, what’s the point of all of this. Do I really want to think about my weight every day for the rest of my life? Sometimes depression and a feeling of hopelessness just hits you and won’t let you go. It’s those times when you have to rely on your girlfriends and your family to give you a little help. As women we sometimes feel asking for help, especially with depression, is a huge embarrassing sign of weakness. But you know something, it’s the strong woman who knows when she needs help and goes out and gets it. Talk with a close friend or your sister and let them know you need some encouragement. Tell them specifically how they can help you. Often family and friends want to help but don’t know the right way. Spell it out for them and you will find 95% of the time, they will be there for you in the way that you need them. If you don’t have someone who you can count on, you can still get help. We are lucky enough to live in a world where there are tons of ways to get a little help from others. Even perfect strangers are willing to help these days. Go to a weight loss forum or join a private Facebook group and share your struggle. More than likely, you will connect with another woman who has been where you are and can give you a tip or just give you some encouragement to keep on going. Forums and groups are a great way to not feel so alone without having to share your personal information.
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