Everything has a shelf life!

All things have a shelf life and that is not always bad. For example, there are some longstanding institutions that are on their way out. It’s only a matter of time before you see them disappear. Things like:
  • Actual printed newspapers
  • Paper checks
  • Land line phones
  • Book stores (physical ones – not online)
  • Actual printed books
  • Daylight savings time
Personally, daylight savings time get my vote to be done away with first! But I digress… The point is, things change because there is a different and BETTER way to do things. Technology, environmental factors, convenience and sexiness bring these changes into our life at a rapid pace. Knowing when to let go of an old way of doing things and accepting a new way is just a part of survival these days. With that in mind, let’s examine how you are approaching losing weight. Are you still thinking that if you follow program “X” or take magic pill “Y” you will lose weight? That is the old way of thinking. Diets and pills have a shelf life as more and more women are becoming smarter and evolving into a different way of losing weight. Here’s what you probably have done in the past:
  • Followed whatever diet program was being promoted on Oprah, Dr. Phil or some other celebrity
  • Hated the diet because you felt deprived and hungry
  • Gave up on diet after a month or so
  • Put any weight you lost back on plus a few pounds.
That’s the old way. The new way is to:
  1. Identify what emotions you are satisfying with food
  2. Breaking bad eating habits that have you eating when you are not even hungry
  3. Redesigning your lifestyle to promote new healthy habits
  4. Getting on with life
This is the evolution of diet programs. Now will the old diets still be promoted by celebs? Sure, it takes time for the old methods to become obsolete. Just like your parents probably still have their old push button land line phone, it will take time to for people to adopt the new style. And just like your parents, some may never make that change until they have no other choice. So in summary, begin to become aware of the new way of dieting if you are not already. Start adapting how you think about dieting and incorporating the new style now.
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